How to Create a WhatsApp Template

You are required to have approved templates for WhatsApp which you can send as one- way notifications.

To create a WhatsApp template, perform the following steps:.

  1. Click Templates.
  2. Click WhatsApp Templates. Here you can view all the templates created by you. Hover over any template to preview, clone or know the status of a template. The cloned template will have edit option and will be in Draft Status. These templates need to be saved to submit for approval. Once saved, the status changes to In Process. The template is Approved or Rejected based on the template content within few hours.
  3. To create a new template, Click on Create Template. Here can view the Template Builder. First you need to define the sender no. for which the template is going to be created and give the template a name and select a category from the dropdown. All of these fields are mandatory.
  4. You will get a real-time Preview on the right while creating your template to let you know how the notification would look which changes as you make the edits or updates for the various fields.
  5. Next, you can start defining your templates by first choosing a Header (which is optional). To have media files in your notifications choose your header appropriately from Image/ Video/ Document/ Location. Clicking on which you can upload the said media file in the subsequent field. Please follow the Size limit and correct format while uploading such files. You can choose a location in the subsequent filed as your location Header.
  6. You can also have Text as a Header instead of Media where to personalize it you can have almost 1 Variable in it which you can define while using the template in your Campaigns or Journeys.
  7. Define your message body: You may add as many variable to personalize your message which you can define while using the template in your Campaigns or Journeys. Max character limit is 1024. Please follow appropriate guidelines to get your template approved by WhatsApp. To know more on it please visit: templates/guidelines/.
  8. You can have footers to your templates which is optional. Max char limit is 60
  9. You can make your templates interactive by having Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons. You can define button texts for both CTA and quick reply which is how it will look for your customers when they receive the notification. Max char limit is 20. There are 2 types of CTAs: Visit Website: where you can define a URL to redirect your customers to that webpage. | Call Phone: where you can define the phone no. to redirect your customers on their phone to call you on that number. Use Quick reply buttons to predefine responses for your customers to engage with them in a better way.
  10. Click on Save. This will save the template and the status will be In Process. Once its approved you would be able to use this template in your journey or Campaigns.
  11. Click on Cancel to delete the progress made so far and will not create the template.