How to Send a WhatsApp One-way Notification

You can create WhatsApp campaigns using Factoreal’s journey builder. We will demonstrate how to build a WhatsApp campaign by creating a one-way WhatsApp notification journey for a specific group of contacts.


  • You need to make sure your WhatsApp templates are ready and approved before you start sending WhatsApp notifications to your contacts. To create WhatsApp Templates, refer the How to Create a WhatsApp Template aarticle.

To send WhatsApp notifications, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Journeys.
  2. Click Create New Journey.
  3. Click Blank Journey Canvas.
  4. Enter a journey name and click Next.
  5. Click and drag the Audience block.
  6. For the Select Recurrence option, click NO.
  7. Select the audience(s) to whom you want to send the notification.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Drag and drop the WhatsApp Notification Block.
  10. Select Sender Number.
  11. Select Template.
  12. Select Body variables. We select First Name for this.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Connect the 2 blocks. To send a follow-up notification after 2 hours, drag and drop a Wait Until block.
  15. Select WhatsApp for the Until this Event happens field.
  16. Select When WhatsApp notification is clicked.
  17. Select Current Journey and click Close.
  18. Select the template.
  19. Select Time Period within which the link click should happen to be considered as an event.
  20. Click Save and connect this block with the WhatsApp Notification block.
  21. In the Success path, select the next WhatsApp notification using the same process as above.
  22. In the Failure block, drag and drop the Add Contacts to List block.
  23. Select the list you want to add the contacts to. Or you can create a new list.
  24. Click Save.
  25. Click Validate.
  26. Click Save.
  27. Click Activate Journey.


The WhatsApp campaign will run as you have defined it in the journey.