Connect Your Shopify Store With Factoreal

You can now directly integrate your Shopify data with Factoreal without any coding. Once you connect your Shopify store, all you existing contacts, products, and orders are synced with Factoreal and any future events of contacts signups, order placement, products added cart, new products added to the catalogue so you can use them to target our contacts automatically using our powerful journeys.

Connect your Shopify Account to Factoreal using the Factoreal-Shopify Plugin. If you have not installed the plugin, click here.
Install the Shopify Plugin in Factoreal.

1. Login to your Factoreal account

2. Click next to the bell icon

3. Click Configure in the Integrations section


4. Click Configuration

5. Click Connect


6. Enter your Shopify ‘shop-name’ in the respective field and click Connect. If you’re not already logged in to your Shopify account, you will get a prompt to log in to your shopify store.


7. Click on Install-App


8. All your existing data (contacts, orders, and products) from your store will be synced with Factoreal in a few seconds.


Data Synchronization with Factoreal

Once you connect your Shopify with Factoreal, all your Shopify data is synchronized with Factoreal, and will continue to synchronize from time to time. This helps Factoreal get access your store information that makes marketing a seamless process for you.
The following data is synchronized with Factoreal.

For contacts:

  • EMAIL – Email of the contact
  • NAME – First name of the contact
  • PHONE_NUMBER – Phone number of the contact
  • CITY – City of the contact
  • COUNTRY – Country of the contact
  • POSTCODE – Postcode of the contact
  • PROVINCE_CODE – Province code of the contact
  • COUNTRY_CODE – Country code of the contact

For products:


For orders:

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