How to Setup & Operate Role-based Access for Campaigns/ Journeys/ Templates

Factoreal allows you to have a moderation hierarchy for templates/ campaigns / journeys. You can have a management system through which you and your team can collaborate and ensure high quality of deliverables for each marketing channel.

NOTE: You have to have the approval system enabled before you can use role based user access for template moderation.

Once you have enabled the approval system, you can add new users with 2 different roles: a) Account Admin & b) Account User. Under account admin, you will have Default Admin role and under account user, you will have the Default User role.

To create a user with a specific role for template moderation, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Settings.
  2. Click Accounts & Users.
  3. Click Roles & Users.
  4. Click the 3-dots next to the user column.
  5. Select Role Category.
  6. Select Role based on your Role Category selection.
  7. Click Update Account.

Approvers configured can approve or reject your campaign, journey or the template you created.

  • If rejected at any level the asset can be updated again so as to fix the remarks which the approver may have given and resubmitted for the full approval process.
  • You will get email notifications about all important updates.