Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to measure the outcome of a journey by assigning a goal to it and then measuring how many contacts who enter the journey meet the goal.

It is a method to directly measure the return of your marketing efforts.

Setting up Goals

On the journey overview page the option to define the optional goal is available.

You can define the optional purpose of the journey along with the goal which could be acquisition/ nurture/ conversion.

The list of events supported:

Only one event can be configured as a goal.

If the goal is for the contact to interact with a message like Email/ SMS/ Push Notification/ Web notification/ Social post/ Social Ad the message should be from the current journey.

Conversion Attribution

Once the journey is active all contacts who enter the journey and if they meet the goal will be counted as conversions.

For an event which requires the contact to do some action just being part of the journey is not enough as we are looking for a real influence of the journey on the contact.
There should be a touchpoint of the journey with the contact who converted.

A touchpoint is the point of interaction that is recorded for us to ascertain that the journey had any influence on that contact because of which the contact may have performed the activity you wanted them to perform.

A touchpoint could be:

  1. Email from the journey delivered/ opened/ clicked.
  2. SMS from the journey delivered/ clicked.
  3. Mobile Push notification from the journey delivered/ clicked.
  4. Web Push notification from the journey delivered/ clicked.
  5. Social ad from the journey clicked.
  6. Social post from the journey clicked.
  7. A conversion will be attributed to the journey which had a touchpoint in the last 30 days from the time the goal event takes place.
  8. If multiple journeys had the same goal and the contact was part of all of them then the journey with the most recent touchpoint will be credited with the conversion.