Journey Templates

Factoreal provides you with pre-built journeys for popular use-cases which you can use and immediately start using journeys.

These have action blocks setup in their workflow and are purpose built for when you want to quickly send a campaign to your contacts for most common use cases.

Here you can find various Journey Templates. To simplify this process one step further and segregate the templates based on use cases click on the tags next to Tags.

Birthday Wishes Journey template is for when the purpose of your campaign is to wish your contacts on their birthday.

Cart Abandonment Journey template is to re-engage and try to convince your contacts to complete the purchase of the items in their cart.

Winback template for customer retention and retargeting. Inactive contacts can be retargeted using different contact sent a different time.

Grow Social Media Followers template is used to increase follower count on your attached social media pages from various social media platforms.

Newsletter Sign-up template can be used for mostly one off communication in instances like getting your users to sign up for a newsletter, or get their email verified, or even sending them a basic welcome message.

Web page Visit healthcare templates are used to engage and send emails to the visitors of your healthcare website.

Website Form Fill Engagement template is used to communicate with users who have filled forms on your website and signed up, and to engage with them educating them about your product and services, and various offers.