Uploading Contacts Manually

To add contacts manually into Factoreal, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Segments.
  2. Click Contacts.
  3. Under Add New Contacts, click Add Manually.
  4. Add First Name, Last Name, Country, Email and Mobile Number.
  5. Add Tags. When you add Tags to contacts you can then segment contacts with those tags. For example, if you want to Tag a contact as offline, you will have the option to add the same tag for contacts you add in future so that you can associate them with a specific tag.
  6. To define other attributes, click Additional details. The highlighted attributes are the ones that are already visible, but you can include more attributes or remove those already visible in the add contact form. You can also add your custom attributes or custom object values with your contact data.
  7. To add contact to a list, click the field under Add to List(s) and select the list to which you wish to add the contact.
    NOTE: You can add the contacts to a list only if you have created a list else the contact appears under the All Contacts tab.
  8. Click Save Contact.