How to setup Instagram DM

Factoreal allows the automation of interactions with contacts via Instagram Direct Messaging. Follow below steps to configure Instagram DM in your Factoreal account:

Configure Instagram Business Account:

Login to Factoreal → Click on “Settings” on left side bar menu. This will open Settings page

settingsClick on “Integrations” tab → “Social Media”. This page allows you to connect your Social Media accounts with Factoreal

Click on “Configure” button of Instagram channel → Enter email address & password associated with Instagram business account in the pop-up window. Select the Facebook page(s) & the Instagram account from the window & Click “Save”


Upon clicking “Save,” a pop-up will appear to confirm the successful addition of your Instagram account. Also you will be able to see the newly connected Instagram business account in the table below.

Create Templates:

Click on the “Templates” from the left sidebar menu to navigate to the templates section.

templates - sidebar

To create a new Instagram DM template, navigate to the “Instagram DM” tab and click on “Create”. This action will open the form for creating a template.


Fill in all the necessary information in the form, like template name, type, category, etc., and then click on “Save.”


Upon clicking “save,” you will be redirected to the Instagram templates section, where you can access all the created templates.

templates page

Create a Chatbot:

You need a chatbot that will automate the conversation with the contact. Click on “Conversation” from the left sidebar menu → “Launch Bot Portal”. This will open a new window where you can create/update the bot.


Click on “Bot Management” from the left sidebar menu → “New Bot” → Select bot type as “API



Create the bot as per your requirement by adding specific nodes. Publish the bot by clicking “Publish Bot” button on top right of the bot page


To send an “Instagram DM template” to a user instead of plain text, configure the message in the bot node as below:

‌[{“template_name”: “<Instagram_DM_Template_Name>“, “fallback”: “<fallback message>“}]

Assign channel to Bot:

Go to the Factoreal application, then click on “Conversations” in the left sidebar menu, and click on “Settings” located at the top right of the conversations page.


In the Bot – Channel configuration, assign the “Instagram” channel from the dropdown menu to the respective bot.

For more information how to setup Conversations in Factoreal, go to our Help Center:


Login to the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Navigate to the Instagram DM section and search for the Instagram business account that was configured in the Factoreal app. Send a “Hi” direct message, and you will receive the automated messages set up in the bot.