Advanced Filters for Sorting Campaigns/ Journeys

Factoreal will allow you to sort your campaigns/ journeys with the meta-data associated with them.

To sort campaigns/ journeys with advanced filters, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Journeys (or Campaigns).
  2. Click Advanced Filters.
  3. Here are the different filtering options available.
  4. You can filter with specific journey names from this field.
  5. This field is for filtering by journey status.
  6. To sort campaigns/ journeys created by users, you can use this field.
  7. To sort by the goal of the campaigns/ journeys you can use this field.
  8. To sort campaigns/ journeys by date Created or Updated on you can use this field.
  9. To sort campaigns/ journeys with their metadata, you can add metadata filters from this field.
  10. Click Apply. You will see the campaigns/ journeys with the advanced filters that you have set.

To reset the filters and view all the campaigns/ journeys, click Reset.