SMS Regulations for Canada

Canada has strict guidelines, and SMS senders are advised to fully comprehend the regulations before carrying out SMS marketing in Canada.

Non-compliance can get you blocked from all major networks in the country.


These are the restrictions:



Explicit Opt-in from recipients is mandatory for senders to carry out SMS marketing in Canada.

Also, users who are in the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ aren’t to be contacted by the senders.


Content of the message

Message content regulation in Canada has a specific condition that has to be met by the senders. If the senders have content related to any of these but not limited to the following in their SMS message:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Adult Content

Then senders must verify that the recipients are of legal age, and are allowed to receive SMS messages from them. Targeting minors with such content under any reasons is prohibited.

Character limit for the SMS text messages is limited to 160 per message.


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