How to Preview Dynamic Content Variant within the Template

After you create an email template with dynamic content blocks, you can preview the variants in the Preview mode.

Consider 2 different audience segments for which there are dynamic content sections. Here are the display conditions for each.

To view the variants for these 2 audience segments, perform the following steps.

  1. Click the preview icon.
  2. Click the Email Preview radio button.
  3. Select the first variant.
  4. Click Preview. You can see the template preview for the first audience segment.
  5. Click the cross icon.
  6. Click the preview icon.
  7. Deselect the first variant and select the second.
  8. Click Preview. Now, you can see the template preview for the second audience segment.

Send Test Emails of the Variants

If you want to check how the template variants would look like in the inbox, you can send test emails. To do that, perform the following steps.

Click the preview icon.

Click the Send Test Email radio button.

Select the email address(es) to which you want to send the test email. You can select up to 5 at a time.

Select the From Email Id.

Enter From Name.

Enter a suitable subject line.

Select the first variant.

Click Send Email. This variant will appear in the inbox like this. 

Similarly, you can send a test email of the other variant. Deselect the first variant and select the second one.

Click Send Email. The other variant will look like this in the inbox.

You can thoroughly review the appearance of the variants and make changes before using them in campaigns.