How to Create a Facebook Audience with Factoreal

This video shows how you can segment Facebook audiences and use these to run Facebook Ads using Factoreal.

To create a Facebook audience through Factoreal, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Segments.
  2. Click Audience.
  3. Click Create Audience.
  4. Click the Facebook tab.
  5. Click the User Attribute section.
  6. 2 conditions are defined by default. Click Add another condition.
  7. Click the Search and select user attributes field, and select one attribute. We will select Location for this example.
  8. In the condition field, select People living in the location.
  9. Select Include.
  10. In the search field, we will enter United States to select the US as location.
  11. Click Apply.
  12. You can also have a custom audience. Click Custom Audience.
  13. Here we will keep Include as the condition.
  14. We will select Website Activity as the condition.
  15. Select Any as the condition for inclusion.
  16. Select the configured pixel. These are the conditions that we will keep. You can customize as your campaign might require.
  17. Click Apply.
  18. You can observe the Potential Reach here.
  19. Click Save.


You can create similar segments based on the market you want to reach out to and launch Facebook Ads using Factoreal.