How to Setup Goals to Track

Goals in the conversation bot allow you to mark important trigger points or benchmarks in the conversation.
These are configurable places/ nodes in the bot where you’d like to note that the user has completed a task which you’d like to record for analytics purposes or trigger a next action in the Journey Builder based on the goal completion in the bot

  1. Click on Conversation bot in the main tool bar.
  2. The Conversation bot creation page will open in a new tab.
  3. Click on Create New Bot in the conversation bot creation page.
  4. Open the bot editor, find the node that is a significant event in your bot, click it so that the node editor opens in the side panel.
  5. Scroll to the bottom, open the Additional Options.
  6. In the dropdown menu, select the goal you’d like to use for this node.
  7. Or, if your goal hasn’t been created yet, create a new goal.
  8. After clicking Update Node, you’ll see now that your node has now been marked with a goal.