Campaign or Journey Metadata

Metadata can be used to collect the information of various parameters like Business Unit, Areas, about each campaign or journey, which can be used later for tracking the performance of campaigns across those parameter distributions.

The metadata form can be configured from the backend and if done is available to be submitted when you activate a campaign or a journey.

Metadata can have fields of the following formats:

  1. Text boxes
  2. Numeric
  3. Text area
  4. Dropdown
  5. Multi select checkbox
  6. Radio button
  7. Date picker

Once the form is filled, click Save Data. Once your campaign/ journey is activated, go to Journeys. Click on Download reports, and choose your download format.

All the parameters that were infused in the journey/ campaign are available here. Choose the ones you want and click download.

Open the downloaded report.

As you can see, the parameters are now available with other Factoreal metrics, so you can use just these parameters to define and filter your campaigns.