Smart AI Tools

AI-powered smart headings

Is a creative block standing in the way of you giving a heading that grabs attention? Fret not! Now artificial intelligence can help you with suggestions for email headings and draft compelling subject lines that make users click. Add keyword(s) related to your topic, be as specific as possible, not generic, and choose from a list of suggestions that pop up before you.

Write catchy headings using Factoreal’s AI-powered smart headings feature

AI-powered smart buttons

Research suggests that emails with a single, clear-cut call-to-action button increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. This feature helps you choose the voice/tone of the CTA button and provides you with a list of relevant CTAs to choose from.

Create click-worthy call-to-actions using Factoreal’s AI-powered smart buttons

AI-powered image generator

Visuals make your emails more appealing. Add eye-catching images to your email campaign and see how AI helps you turn around readers and increases conversion. Simply use specific prompts that explain the context and choose one from a selection of images.

Convert text into unique images using Factoreal’s AI-powered smart image generator

AI-powered text generator

Artificial intelligence uses Natural Language Processing capabilities to analyze the voice of your brand and generate text accordingly, once it has been trained to fit your brand background. Do you want the email text to be emotional? Do you want it to be witty? Motivating? Create a sense of urgency? Not an issue. AI will write it for you.