How to Trigger a Follow up Action in Journey Post a Goal Completion in the Bot

Trigger a follow up action in the journey builder based on the actions of the user in the conversation bot. Ensure that the bot is active and you have marked this trigger point nodes in the bot flow as goals in the bot editor before proceeding.

Kindly refer to Setting up Goals to Track to understand how to mark a node as a goal in bot editor.

  1. Create a new journey in Factoreal.
  2. Choose trigger type in the start block.
  3. Select conversation bot as the trigger type.
  4. All the node marked as goals will be shown in the drop down, select the goal upon whose completion you want to trigger the follow up action.
  5. In case of multiple choice type node, you can also mention the choice selection for which you want to trigger the follow up action in the optional text box.
  6. Connect the trigger type start block to any of the action or flow control blocks as per business requirement.
  7. Save and activate the journey.

You can adjust the follow up settings from the Alert tab within the Chatbot settings.

To do that, perform the following steps:

  1. If you want to receive email alerts to your inbox, you can enable this by clicking the toggle switch.
  2. You will have 2 options for conditions when the email alerts will be triggered – a) Goal Completion & b) All Engagements.
  3. If you select Goal Completion, you will have 2 options under Frequency – a) Once Per User: One email will be generated on a goal completion by a particular user; b) Every Time: Email alerts will be generated whenever users complete the goal.
  4. If you select All Engagements you will have both Once Per User and Every Time options. You also will get the option to route the alerts to a specific inbox with a Timezone that you can define for it.
  5. You can enable Realtime Alerts if you wish to get notified of bot activities in real time. Click the toggle switch.
  6. To define condition for generating the real time alert, you can select from 3 options under Generate on: a) Bot Launch | b) Bot Engagement | c) Goal Completion.
  7. If you want to have sound alerts for the end user to notify them of the bot, you can click the Sound Alerts toggle switch. Under that, you can enable sound alerts for Bot Teaser and Bot Open with the respective toggle switches.
  8. For sending alerts through third-party applications, you can use Zapier.

With all of this you can get more hands on with customer experience.