Pricing. Personalized.

Just ask. We tailor our pricing to suite your specific requirements.

A Complete Marketing Suite

  • CDP
  • Marketing automation
  • Split automation
  • Variant testing
  • Email marketing
  • Subject line recommendation
  • Send time optimization
  • Custom domain setup
  • Email preview and testing
  • Email HTML download
  • Dynamic content
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms & custom fields
  • Custom branded forms & landing pages
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Web push notifications
  • Site and event tracking
  • Website visitor retargeting
  • User behavior and action tracking
  • Shopify store integration
  • Social posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, FB)
  • Social ads (FB, Instagram)
  • Facebook custom audience
  • Performance reports
  • AI-based analytics & insights
  • Campaign & automation reporting
  • Zapier API
  • SMS marketing
  • Personalization
  • Contact management
  • Custom objects
  • Segmented outreach
  • Role-based access control
  • Approval workflow
  • WhatsApp marketing
  • Chatbot
  • Conversational marketing
  • Custom integrations
  • Design services
  • Managed operations

All the Add-ons you need

  • Advanced SMS Text Messaging

  • Mobile Push Notifications

  • Web Push Notifications

  • WhatsApp for Business

  • Conversational Marketing

  • Chatbot

Pricing FAQs

What is an active contact?

Simple. An active contact is any contact you’re actively trying to reach. It’s a subset of your database so you’re not paying for more than you need. Reach who you want, when you want, as you want. We’re not going to charge you for junk data and total databases. For example, you may store 100k contacts in your database, but you choose to run a campaign to target 50k unique contacts in a given month, in this case, 50k will be your active contacts for that given month. Factoreal’s fees are based on the volume of your active contacts. Why pay for more than you need?

What is conversational marketing?

Personalized engagement is what we’re all about and what your customers expect. Conversational marketing is marketing that allows you to have a 1:1 human conversation with your consumers in real time.  And we’re adding it directly to your marketing mix, across your chatbots, WhatsApps, and SMS. Don’t try to manage this with disparate tools, with more processes. Empower the marketing team in one simple place. 

What if my monthly active users keep changing?

And we hope that it does! Your needs will change, and we’re here to grow with you. Whether you have 1k contacts or 1MM+, we have you covered. Factoreal has defined various bands allowing for variance in the volume of active contacts to meet your business realities. All you need to know is an estimate of your active contacts and then select your band accordingly.  Here are some of our active contact bands, 5k-10k, 10k-25k, 25k-50k, 50k-100k, and so on. Our pricing model is flexible to scale with your needs.

What is the difference between a chatbot and conversational marketing?

While conversational marketing allows businesses to take a human handover and jumpstart a conversation with the consumer in real-time, realistically, you can’t have someone operating your conversational marketing 24/7. That’s where chatbots come into play, Factoreal’s chatbot stimulates human-like conversations via text messages, images, and videos.  Factoreal’s chatbot understands your users, and then curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly. Our conversational marketing and chatbot platform is proven to increase conversions and reduce costs.

Do your Plus and Pro tiers include push, WhatsApp, and SMS?

Our Pro and Plus tiers allow you to send emails and a limited number of free SMS messages. If you wish to send Push notifications, WhatsApp messages, and a large volume of SMS, subscribe to one of our add-ons that come at an additional cost based on the number of active contacts.

What if I hit my sending limit?

Just like your active users grow, so will the number of personalized sends. We’re here to grow with you, upgrading is easy and instant.  You can upgrade instantly to more send volume anytime.

What is the difference between your Plus, Pro, and Custom tiers?

While our Plus tier is great for growing marketers allowing them to integrate multiple channels into their marketing mix and reach customers at multiple touchpoints in a limited capacity, our Pro tier offers unlimited potential to explore multi-channel marketing with greater reach and advanced analytics to prove ROI from every touchpoint. If you are looking for a tailored solution for your specific marketing needs and use cases, you have the Custom tier at your disposal. Contact us to learn about our offerings in detail.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to create a Free account?

No – not at all! We will probably check in on you to ensure you’re set up for success.