Build deeper connections with your fans

Focus on end-to-end fan experience by providing value throughout the fan journey. Collect data from disparate sources and unify them to create personalized experience. Revive fan engagement, bring in more revenue, and increase productivity

Factoreal Sports Solution

Deliver memorable experiences

Make sports more accessible to new fans while keeping existing fans loyal. Build a loyal fanbase by personalizing your marketing campaigns.
Machine Learning Driven Insights

Reach fans on multiple channels

Build a highly integrated fan ecosystem by connecting your CRM, social channels, email channels and much more.

Integrate online and offline data sources​

Deliver omnichannel experience by automating fan engagement

Drive fan engagement with automated responses. Understand omnichannel behavior across all channels, engage with fans when they reach you through online channels via push notifications and emails.

Social Ads for More Effective Campaigns3

Target prospects with affinity-based marketing

Turn real-time intent insights into well-designed campaigns. Send product, merchandise recommendations and bring fans closer to you.

Generate new revenue streams

Reach fans through multiple channels, add new services and offers, and unlock new revenue streams. Drive more revenue through digital ads, ticket sale, and merchandise sales.
Boost ticket sales​​

Boost ticket sales

Factoreal identifies fans failing to complete ticket purchases. It can then with automated journeys re-engage best prospects through tailored content across all digital channels.

Built-in Ecommerce Integration

Improve merchandise sales

A lot of merchandise sales opportunities are lost to ‘bad journeys’. With intelligence generated from historic and live journeys, create time-limited and personalized offers across channels and let Factoreal converse and retarget your website or page visitors.

Keep fan funnel flowing​​

Keep your fan funnel flowing

Identify high-value super-fans using event and activity triggers: email activity, mobile app activity, tickets purchased, merchandise purchased. Create custom journeys for each fan segment and let Factoreal monitor and tell you which fan segment and journeys are performing best.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

Learn how Jacksonville Jaguars ignited fan engagement

Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL team recognized the need to engage their global fan base. They wanted to understand who their fans were, what those fans needed and where they were on their journey.

With a focus on engaging with fans via the right channel, at the right time and with the right message, Jacksonville Jaguars decided to move towards a centralized fan engagement automation solution, transforming the way they operate, engage with fans both on & off season and also drive multiple revenue streams.

Boost in marketing activities as a result of less manual effort through automation

Higher lead conversion and increased ticket sales

Hyper-targeted segments to drive greater fan engagement

Simplified tool stack with 360º visibility and budget-friendly spend


Our features improve your ROI and make your marketing campaigns more effective

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Ads for More Effective Campaigns3

Social Ads

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Audience Builder

Audience Builder

Customer Journey Automation

Customer Journey Automation

Ecommerce Landing Pages

Forms & Landing Pages

Website Tracking for Ecommerce

Website Tracking

Omnichannel Campaigns

Omnichannel Campaigns

Built-in Ecommerce Integration

Built-in E-commerce Integration

Machine Learning Driven Insights

Machine Learning Driven Insights


We have all the answers. All you have to do is ask the right questions!

Why should I choose Factoreal?

Whether you are an experienced pro already using marketing automation or a budding marketer looking to build automation capabilities, you will always benefit from less tools, less spend and better ROI. As your company grows, it becomes difficult to continue one-to- one interaction with leads or prospects without the right platforms helping you. Factoreal is an award winning, highly intuitive omnichannel marketing automation solution simplifies your marketing stack, gives you significant cost benefits and delivers stupendous ROI. All needs; one tool.

There are other platforms that offer similar capabilities, why should I go with Factoreal?

There are not many platforms that offer the broad range of capabilities that Factoreal offers. Factoreal also gives you access to all the features, irrespective of whether you are an SMB with just 20,000 contacts or a large enterprise with Millions of users. Factoreal puts enterprise grade features and best-in-class ROI in the hands of ever marketer.

Here are other factors why you should choose Factoreal:

  • Simplicity & ease-of-use: Clear navigation, contextual information, zero coding – designed for the marketer from scratch
  • Premium 24×7 support included for every customer
  • Cost-effective pricing, with a pay-as-you-grow model that helps you spend for what you use
  • One-stop shop for all your engagement needs, covering all popular channels of engagement like email, sms, social media including social ads, online store automation and many more
  • Comprehensive features and ML driven deep insights all packed into one platform

Do you only cater to e-commerce, healthcare, and sports industries?

Factoreal is built for every business, big or small and is suited for most of the industry verticals. The platform offers comprehensive capabilities that can be used by most businesses, B2B or B2C irrespective of the industry. We are also committed to delivering unique industry-specific capabilities (like pre-built journey templates, custom dashboards and reports etc.) which make the platform a slam dunk choice for those use-cases. We will be adding more such verticals to our solutions scope soon. If you have any questions, let us know and we are sure we will be able to help you with the right answers.

Will I get analytics integration with Factoreal?

Absolutely. We understand that without the numbers and metrics of your campaigns and customers, you cannot etch a full-proof marketing plan. Rest assured, Factoreal has a really intelligent analytics integration built in it. We call it FactCube and all customers get our exhaustive set of standard dashboards and insights. You can also subscribe to the FactCube premium add-on, which provides you with even more firepower on your marketing performance with ML based narratives, X-Ray and ability to customize the dashboards and get geeky!

What types of templates are available?

You will have access to a wide variety of industry-specific ready-to-use email, landing pages, and customer journey templates. Each month, our creative team keeps adding new templates to the platform.

What is a customer journey and how Factoreal helps in creating it?

A customer journey is a story about understanding your users, how they behave with your business, and what you can do to engage with them so that they keep coming back. With Factoreal’s easy-to-use workflow automation builder, you can build a dynamic, fully automated marketing engagements across multiple touchpoints for all your contacts. This will ensure that each of your contact receives a personalized experience at the right time.