Helping every marketer to be a Pro

At Factoreal, our mission is to empower the marketing community with one true omni-channel automation platform that is simple, effective, and efficient

Our Story

We thrive on innovation, simplicity, and team work. At Factoreal, every member of our team is empowered to promote positive change, grow professionally, and build an environment where we can all thrive. Our team is passionate and care for people who are enthusiastic about helping each other succeed.

Promoting Positive Change and Professional Growth
Empowering Team Members To Promote Positive Change

Our Values

We strongly believe in the saying that ‘Simplicity is the Essence of Universality’ and to walk the talk be it product roadmap, business model, hiring – simplicity is always at the heart of everything we do. The result is a solution that is beautiful in its efficiency and clarity, easier to understand, and easier to translate to different situations and scales.

Real People . Real Passion

The industry-best leaders who constantly question, empower & challenge to unlock new realms in the marketing world.

Aditya Dhruva - CEO, Founder of Factoreal

Aditya Dhruva

CEO, Co-Founder

The one with a natural desire to analyze, strategize and most important: succeed. A super human who loves to unite his team behind a common mission and support customers in their journey.

Ravichandra Kenchappa - Chief Product Officer

Ravichandra Kenchappa

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

The one who always wants to get the job done right. Don’t let his youngish appearance fool you: He outshines many leaders of the trade with ease! Super intelligent, adaptable to massive market changes and always fun & positive.

Cody Haynes

Head of Sports

The one with a strong background in helping sports teams & venues make data-driven, revenue generating decisions. Cody brings a fantastic blend of energy, sports business experience, and creativity to the Factoreal's leadership team.


Increase in engagement rate


Yearly manpower savings


Higher conversions


Reduction in TCO