How the App will Work with Chat Routing Rules [Demo]

We’ll demonstrate how a conversation with a customer might unfold. Starting with the customer’s query and its automated reply, to human takeover of the conversation and finally a resolution.

You need to have WhatsApp and SMS sender numbers set up before you

NOTE: Automatic routing of conversation takeovers with push notifications to specific agents will only be available for SMSWhatsApp channels.

Follow through this brief demo with the WhatsApp channel below:

  1. The customer pings you ‘Hi’. A chat will be activated on the Factoreal Agent app under the Active column, based on the build of the chatbot.
  2. The automated responses from the chatbot include – i) Speak to the agent & ii) Know more. The customer wants to chat with a live sales person, so chooses option 1 by entering 1.
  3. The bot shares the next automated response asking the person’s name, followed by the person’s email.
  4. Once the customer enters their email ID, the routing rule is activated. The designated agent will get a notification on their phone and as they tap on the notification they’ll reach the chat directly. After that they tap on Takeover and attend to the customer’s query.
  5. Now this is a live chat. The customer wants a demo and the agent serves the product demo link of the customer success team. The agent asks if there’s any other query, and the reply is negative.
  6. The customer now decides the course of action as per their preference and types that into the chat portal. The agent will follow along.
  7. Now the agent can close the conversation as he has resolved the customer’s query. To do that, he taps on the resolve button and then taps Confirm. Following this, both the customer and the agent will find the conversation to be closed.

This is how the app will work. The Chatbot flows and takeover conditions will vary depending on the specifics of your process.

The chat will go to the closed tab and will be accessible for future reference.