How to Customize Appearance of the Chatbot

You can customize how your Chatbot will appear to the end user. These settings will be accessible to you through the Appearance tab.

To customize the appearance of the Chatbot, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a theme color for your Chatbot in the color field.
  2. Select from either – a) Classic or b) Modern.
  3. Upload an Avatar for your Chatbot.
  4. You can further customize your Chatbot with the Use advanced options switch. You can have a Chat Header (optional) and a description text, and have a single color background or a gradient background. You can also set the text color with respect to that in the Text Color field. Enter the color hex codes in the respective fields. 
  5. In the Chat Settings section, you can configure how message bubbles from the Chatbot, as well as message bubbles from the user will appear. Enter the color hex codes in the respective fields.
  6. You can set a prompt message for user response.
  7. You can configure widgets from the Widget Options section, with solid color or a background image that you can upload.
  8. If you wish to have a Custom Footer you can click the toggle switch. You can enter the custom code for the footer, have a custom text for it and a link. Enter the information in the respective fields.
  9. For further customization using CSS you can upload a .css file in the Custom CSS field.
  10. You can get a preview of the Chatbot in the right-hand side section. To display changes you make to the bot, click Refresh.
  11. To save the changes, click Save. If you want to save the Chatbot with a different name, click More and click Save As under that. To make the bot live on the website, click Publish Bot.

You can come back to this tab anytime to customize appearance of the Chatbot after publishing.