How to Create an Email Template

Factoreal provides you with a lot of finely curated email templates that you can access in the Factoreal Templates section. You can also create and save your own templates that can be accessed in the Enterprise Templates section.

You can also clone, edit, rename and delete the templates you have created. To create an email template with Factoreal, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Templates in the left menu.
  2. Here, you can see a list of available templates from Factoreal. You can preview these emails, edit or clone them by hovering over the respective template and clicking on the desired option.
  3. Click Create Template.
  4. Enter a template name (character limit 60) and click OK. You will be directed to the template creation page.
  5. To add text to your template, drag and drop the Text component to your workspace.
  6. To add an image to your template, drag and drop the Image component. Then you can either upload an image from your system or you can use our vast in-built library to add images (from the images section).
  7. To add a button to your template, drag and drop the Button component to your workspace.
  8. To provide spacing between various content blocks drag and drop the Divider component to the workspace. This is more of an aesthetic option.
  9. You can link your social pages to this template. Drag and drop the Social component to your workspace.
  10. You can insert an HTML code to your template as well. To do this, drag and drop the HTML component. Once you click on the HTML component on your workspace, you can edit your code, or copy paste your existing HTML code.
  11. To add a Heading to your template section, drag and drop the Heading component to your workspace.
  12. To add a menu to the email template, drag and drop the Menu component to your workspace. Click on the component in the workspace to add items to the menu component. Click add new item to edit text for the menu, and choose a different action type.
  13. If you want to embed a video to your recipients, drag and drop the Video component. Add the video URL by clicking on the video component on the workspace. 
  14. To insert a cart button, drag and drop the Cart component. On the cart widget properties, you can change background color for the table, change attributes and dimensions of the columns, change settings for the Header, edit row settings, table border, and separator settings. Once you are done editing and creating a template of your liking, you can preview your template to see how it looks.
  15. Click Done Editing.

Your template will be saved and can now be used  in your campaigns.

Saving a Copy of the Template with a Different Name

You can also duplicate the email template and save it with a different name as per your requirement. To do this perform the following steps.

  1. Click Other Actions.
  2. Click Save As.
  3. Enter the name for this template.
  4. Click OK.

You will have a copy of this template with a different name.

Downloading the Template as a .html File

If you want to download the email template you created as a .html file, perform the following steps.

  1. Click the preview icon.
  2. Click the Download as HTML File icon.
  3. The template will be downloaded as an .html file.

This can help you have a better preview of the template.