How to Configure Chat Routing Rules

Factoreal’s Agent app allows you set rules that will direct chat assignments to your reps based on their particular role. You’ll have to add some extra attributes for the contacts you upload which will be used to define routing rules. You can name the attributes to your convenience. You’ll later reference these attributes when creating a rule(s).

Make sure you have set up your WhatsApp and SMS sender numbers to be able to use this feature.

Here’s a simple example of the attributes you need to add.

Following this particular tabular format will simplify the process. If you want to find out how to bulk upload contacts, you can refer to – Uploading Contacts in Bulk.

Once you map the contact with the correct rules, when a particular contact requests for a live chat, their request will be routed to the agent you’ve assigned at the mapping stage.

E.g. – from the table above, when John Moore uses the chatbot to request for a live chat session to get support on some issue, the request will be routed to Linda ( because of its mapping to the sales_email attribute.

After you’ve completed contact upload, you can add routing rules for the Factoreal Agent app. Perform the following steps:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Rules Setup.
  3. Click Conversations.
  4. Click Agents.
  5. Click Add Rules.
  6. Enter an appropriate name for the rule. Select the attribute based on which routing occurs. Here we’ll select sales_email with reference to the contact list we’ve mentioned above.
  7. Click Save.

Now, you need to open the chatbot builder and add the Factoreal Plugin. After this add a Human Takeover node to the API-based bot. To do that, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Conversations.
  2. Click Launch Bot Portal.
  3. In the Chatbot portal, click Edit Bot on the API-based Chatbot you want to update.
  4. Add the Factoreal plugin (under Advanced) as a node at the point you deem fit.
  5. Select the routing rule (here it’s Sales Support), based on which a specific agent will be notified. Click Update Node.
  6. Add a Human Takeover node right after that.
  7. Configure the messages and click Add Node. You can add other Node Action blocks after this and further build the chatbot.
  8. Click Save, and then Publish Bot.

This bot will now route human conversation requests to a specific rep(s) as you defined with the rule and the associated contact attribute markup. The agent can tap on the notification and directly enter the live chat session from the app.


NOTE: If you don’t set any chat routing rules, then all the agents you’ve added will receive the chat request notification.