Types of Filters/ Segments

Factoreal has filters for creating an audience that will be a part of your marketing campaign.

You can customize the audience to every intricate factor to make the segmentation and targeting that much effective.

Here you can see various filter categories to choose from.

Each filter has multiple sub-filters that you can select to further tweak your audience. You can choose sub-filters from all these filters and select Apply to segment your audience.


Factoreal filters let you filter your contacts or anonymous website visitors based on attributes or activities they have performed.

Contact Attributes

Contact Attributes lists all standard and custom contact attributes allowing you to filter contacts based on specific values.

For example:

  • You can apply attributes like Gender to select contacts of a particular gender for effective segregation.
  • If you have classified a specific set of people in your contacts under Tags, you can use the Tags attribute to build them as an audience for a campaign that is tailored to rake in interest from people under the same Tags.


Email Activity

In Email Activity you have 7 sub-filters to choose from. These filters reflect user action on your selected email campaign.
For example

  • You can filter contacts who opened a specific email campaign or send email blocks in a journey.
  • You can also filter contacts who clicked a specific URL in the emails campaigns or send email blocks in a journey.


Website Activity

In Website Activity, you have two sub-filters. These filters are based on the web activity of the contacts.

For example:

You can filter contacts who have visited your website and clicked a page that you specified.

You can filter contacts who have submitted a form in your email campaign or journey process (the forms have to be created using Factoreal).


Cart Activity

In Cart Activity, you have 7 sub-filters. These filters are actions that the users have performed in the cart.

For example:

  • You can filter contacts that purchased a particular product.
  • You can filter contacts based on their cart value. Using an option from this will narrow down the audience further by their shopping cart activity. For example if you choose Cart Value and specify a value to narrow down people who only have items worth the specified value in their cart.


List Activity

This filters the contacts based on if or not they’re present in a specified list. In List Lists are already created, and you choose the list after selecting the filter. Activity you can filter contacts who are:

  • Part of a specified list.
  • Are not a part of a specified list.


WhatsApp Activity

You can filter your contacts based on the way your users have interacted with your notification templates and based on delivery status of that notification template for your contacts

For example:

  • Filtering could be done based on a notification’s CTA being Clicked or the Quick Reply Button in your template being clicked.
  • Filtering could be done based on if the notification was read or not, delivered or not, if it was failed or skipped.



The Facebook category allows you to target Facebook users through ads by filtering them on 2 filters:

  1. User Attribute
  2. Custom Audience

User Attribute

Under User Attributes, you can apply filter on various attributes of a user, like gender, location, age, language.

Gender and age is selected by default, you have option to edit and update these (as seen in the image above).

Detailed targeting lets you segment your users on multiple aspects like demographics, their areas of interest, and their digital behavior. For example, you target people who are interested in football.

  1. Under Detailed Targeting, you can select, Interests.
  2. Under Interests select Sports and then Football.

Once you click apply, you will see the audience size changes in the right preview panel, this number shows the potential number of Facebook users who are falling under the filters you have selected.

Custom Audience

Under Custom Audience you have the option to include or exclude contacts who have performed an activity or are a part of a customer list.

Website Activity

Under this you can filter and set condition to include/ exclude:

  • People who visited your website
  • People who visited particular web pages
  • Website visitors by the time they spent
  • Pages viewed


Facebook Activity

Under this you can filter and set condition to include/ exclude:

  • People who engaged with your page
  • Anyone who visited your Facebook page
  • People who engaged with a post or ad on your page
  • People who clicked a CTA button
  • People who sent a message to your page
  • People who saved your page or any post in it


Customer List

Under this you can filter and set condition to include/ exclude contacts from your Audiences and/or Lists.