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How to Boost App Engagement with Mobile Push Notifications

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For many marketers, keeping your user base engaged is a challenging task — especially after the novelty and newness of your app or service wear off. You must consistently employ new strategies to captivate your audience and boost app engagement. One simple yet highly effective customer retention tool you can use to your benefit is a system of mobile push notifications.

Consider this: mobile usage has increased significantly within the past few years. According to Leftronics, 22% of people check their phones every few minutes, and 51% look a few times an hour. Combine that with the fact that more than 52% of users have the mobile push notification feature enabled on their smartphones, and you have a convincing case for using notifications to boost app engagement further.

The key? Employing your push notifications with a keen and strategic eye.


Smart Personalization

Adding a personal touch to your platform is always an excellent way to boost app engagement. Incorporating data like customers’ names, geographic locations, or specially segmented discounts into your messaging invites users to interact with your app more frequently. Over time, these interactions foster a deeper connection with your content and ultimately improve retention.

An excellent example of strategic customization in mobile push notifications comes from none other than Amazon. Consumers love tracking packages from the moment they ship, and the retail juggernaut uses push notifications to send shipping notices with personalized messaging. They even allow shoppers to choose their preferred type of notification, lowering the chance that consumers will view such alerts as intrusive.


Reignite Loyalty

Mobile apps often suffer from a sudden loss of interest. You can have a dedicated user who consistently interacts with your tool multiple times a day or week, and then suddenly stops using it altogether. Getting them to reengage can be challenging. You must find a way to be memorable without coming across as annoying or overbearing.

One way to entice them into coming back is to send them a push notification letting them know that you have missed them. A few other tactics to try include:

  • Highlight new features added since their last use
  • Offer discounts in exchange for their return
  • Entice them with juicy content

It can also help to incorporate feedback. Suppose customers cite an overly complex user experience as the reason they abandoned your platform. In that case, marketers can set users up for success with thorough onboarding and ensuring they know to properly use your software. This is also a chance to lure back lost users by advertising new updates and letting them know you listened.


Share Information That Adds Value or Helps Users

Another impactful way to boost app engagement is to provide helpful resources to your users. Consumers are always looking for reasons to continue choosing your brand over the competition, and delivering valuable information or assistance will keep you a head above the rest.

Online travel agency Kayak demonstrates this perfectly by helping travelers find the best flight deals in real-time. Their app not only showcases prices but also sends notifications when prices on their flight watchlist drop.


Incorporate Emojis

Since Apple first introduced its iOS emoji keyboard in 2011, emojis have become a mainstay in communication. If your audience tends to skew younger, using emojis can set you apart from the competition and even give users the impression that they can relate to your brand.

Need convincing? A study by Leanplum found that incorporating emojis into your mobile push notifications increased open rates by 254% over notifications without. Additionally, the same study uncovered that apps that use emojis in their messaging experience 26% fewer uninstalls.

Netflix is one platform that expertly uses emojis to boost app engagement. Not only does their mobile app personalize their notifications based on user interests and viewing habits, but it does so by using short, witty messaging and cleverly using emojis.



It’s not easy to find tactics that keep users engaged, but you significantly improve your chances of success when you use mobile push notifications to your advantage. That’s why Factoreal now features push notifications in our incredible all-in-one customer engagement platform! Affordable and easy to use, Factoreal can streamline your marketing and engagement while seamlessly integrating with your current CRM.

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