How Important Is Posting Time on Instagram?

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posting time on instagram

These days, it’s hard to go online without seeing an influencer in at least one ad, and a lot of that is due to the reach of Instagram. Since Instagram’s inception, it has been a powerhouse of social media influence, carrying influencers and brands alike on a wave of powerful organic reach.

Those hoping to become influencers themselves or grow the brand recognition of their business may think that regular posting on Instagram is enough to gain followers, but there is a science behind posting. For example, what about when you post? Does it matter if you post in the morning or in the evening? When do people check their Instagram the most frequently? Let’s look at how important posting time is on Instagram and how you can use it to your advantage. 

When Do Audiences Check Instagram?

The first thing to consider when dissecting the importance of posting times on Instagram is when people are actually online. Now the answer to this question varies broadly based on industry and age. Depending on your target audience, posting at the wrong time could mean you miss that audience entirely. Are your clients mostly businessmen who work in the office Monday through Friday, nine to five? If you are posting at noon every day, your post will be buried in their feed when they get home. However, if you post about two hours after they get home — say, around 8 pm — you’ll have a higher chance of being seen.

What Time Zone Is Your Business In?

If you own a business in California, it would be foolish to post based on statistics from an east coast time zone, and vice versa. You should always consider what time zone your audience is located in and adjust your posting times accordingly. This is especially important for businesses that interact with international audiences.

When Are Audiences Most Engaged?

Engagement times for Instagram vary widely, again, based on demographics. For optimal conversions, you want your audience to be as engaged as possible. Researching when your target demographic is the most engaged on the platform (as opposed to just scrolling through posts) can give you a higher chance of obtaining conversions when posting. 

Automation to Target Optimal Times

Once you establish the optimum times to post for your target audience, you might be overwhelmed with the idea of having to manually post at very specific moments. Depending on your target timing, trying to keep up with that kind of schedule could be very disruptive to your workday, free time, or even your precious beauty sleep.

Fortunately, that’s where a good automation tool comes in. Using a tool like Factoreal, you can preschedule your posts days or even weeks in advance, allowing each post to go live at the precise moment it will be most effective for your brand. Plus, many automation tools collect data and evaluate algorithms to tell you the best time to post on social media based on when your unique audience interacts the most. 


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