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How were Sports and Entertainment Marketing Affected by Covid-19?

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How were Sports and Entertainment Marketing Affected by Covid-19?

2020 has been a strange year, to say the least. With the constant stress of Covid-19, some of our daily pleasures have had to change a little. That’s no different when it comes to sports and entertainment marketing.

As we continue to adjust to new rules and regulations, how sports teams and fans interact may look a little different for a while. Today we’re breaking down what’s changed when it comes to sports and how we’re able to enjoy them.

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Sports And Entertainment Marketing Changes 

Since a lot of cities are fighting the pandemic with methods of social distancing and no-contact engagements, sports are doing their best to do the same. Some branches are focusing on offering more virtual streams to connect with fans while others are relying on the boom in video gaming.

Sponsorships and advertising deals are opting away from the empty stadium seats and focusing more on e-sports, social media platforms, and updating their own apps.

Relying On Digital Platforms

In early 2020, Statista reported that 3.8 billion people were relying on social media to connect and had increased by 37% as of September 10, 2020. The biggest change seen in the industry with entertainment marketing is how everyone is relying heavily on digital platforms as opposed to making an attempt at limiting access to in-person events.

For sports events that are being held, audiences aren’t live and the athletes are undergoing routine testing for COVID-19 in order to play. Through social media, TV, and other online streaming platforms, everyone is enjoying the games from the comfort of their home. Some platforms are even pulling up archived games and replaying them to stay connected with fans, promote interest in sports, and optimize viewer ratings.

However, with many fans relying on online platforms rather than cable to watch the games, advertisements are still moving more towards an online presence. This includes relying on influencers on platforms such as Instagram to help promote sports. You can see this through pictures and posts of users with high follow counts wearing merch that may have been sold at a stadium to advertise a team or a game.

For more information on your favorite sports and how we can expect sports and entertainment marketing to change as we continue to face Covid-19, contact us today.

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