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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Brand’s Mobile App

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get the most out of your brand's mobile app

Mobile apps are an extension of your brand. You can use them to build trust, generate sales, retain users, gather feedback, and so much more. However, high download rates cannot yield long-term business value or business growth without active users engaging in your brand’s mobile app. The number one reason people uninstall apps is that they aren’t using them.

This presents a unique challenge for your company. After attracting new users, it must shift its strategies to find ways to continually engage and retain them. Leveraging the power of your brand’s mobile app is a surefire way to get the most out of your product and maintain your new and existing user base.


Enable Push Notifications

Believe it or not, the most successful customer engagement efforts after attracting new app downloads rely on fostering a relationship with those users. According to Localytics, users who experience personalization in their brand interactions are more likely to return to a mobile app for 11 or more sessions.

Interacting with your customers can be as simple as using push notifications to enhance their experience. Get the most out of your brand’s mobile app by using a customer engagement tool like Factoreal, which can help you send personalized welcome messages or offer helpful tips as customers explore your app. Not only can these push notifications captivate new users, but they can also re-engage users who have fallen into the “Advocate Stage” of the customer journey.


In-App Rewards and Exclusive Content

Customers love receiving rewards for their engagement and loyalty. In fact, 61% of consumers believe that surprise gifts and offers are the best way to engage customers. So, to shift the odds of engagement and get the most out of your app, we recommend delighting your users from the moment they download your app.

Make them feel welcome by offering free trials, discounts, and app-exclusive content that encourages further usage. You can reward user consistency with first access to new features, VIP discount codes, and other in-app rewards for longtime users. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real concept, and when leveraged correctly, you can use it to create lifelong app users.


Prioritize Accessibility

When exploring your app, user experience plays a significant factor in customers’ long-term use and engagement. Mobile users are picky and have a notoriously short attention span, so you must make their experience all it can be. When users can quickly and confidently navigate your brand’s mobile app, it significantly increases the likelihood that they’ll spend more time engaging with it.

One surefire tactic to get the most out of your app is to provide an experience that welcomes all — i.e., being accessibility friendly. Be sure that your media is formatted to accommodate various customer needs by including closed captioning or using colorblind-friendly colors. You can also choose to use native controls, which adapt for more users, versus using custom UI, which works for some but not all.


Event-Based Automation

An excellent and underutilized way to keep users engaged with your brand’s mobile app is to incorporate event-based automation. When completing an in-app task, have you ever received an automated message offering additional information that encourages you to stay and explore further?

That is the power of perfectly timed automation. Providing helpful information when you already have user interest creates better user engagement and drives them deeper into their app usage.



According to Statista, mobile apps are on track to reach $935.2 billion in revenue by the end of 2023. This prediction offers quite the incentive to double down on your brand’s mobile app. Incorporating a customer engagement tool like Factoreal can assist, seamlessly empowering your app with mobile push notifications, event-based automation, and more at an affordable price.

Ready to get the most out of your mobile app? For further information about Factoreal’s app-enhancing features and how they can help grow your business, contact our team today.

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