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Bot’s Up: 10 reasons to use WhatsApp Chatbots to boost your business

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WhatsApp chatbots for business


The screen lights up, announcing an offer from a favorite brand! The customer smiles.

Customers expect brands to know them well, understand their needs, and step up their marketing game to meet customers at the right time, with the right message, in their preferred channel. And what’s better than WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is wildly popular and has the widest reach among social media messaging apps, with over 2.44 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp for Business has been a game-changer for brands, with almost 292 million downloads on Android and iOS devices, and an estimated company spend of $587.3M in 2022. As marketers, you can take the conversation a step further by using WhatsApp chatbots to interact with customers directly, provide instant and automated service, and ultimately boost your business.

If you haven’t started using WhatsApp chatbots already, here are some benefits that would make you switch to bot-talk today –

  1. Accessibility:

WhatsApp is so popular that there’s a good chance your customers already have the app and are quite familiar with it. This makes communicating with them easier and your brand more accessible to users.

  1. Instant response:

With a WhatsApp chatbot, you’ll break the barriers of regular ‘business hours’ and make yourself available to answer customer queries round-the-clock. Your responses not only get faster, but they also get smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence.

  1. High engagement:

A WhatsApp message outperforms all other channels by ensuring a 98% open rate. Moreover, chatbots ensure an active interaction through quizzes, surveys, and clickable triggers, which leads to higher, better engagement with customers.

  1. Personalized conversations:

WhatsApp chatbots are powered by AI, which means they constantly learn from every conversation they have. This allows bots to customize their scripts and personalize interactions in a way that resonates with customers. You can send more targeted campaigns by segmenting customers according to their interests and other demographics.

  1. Enhanced customer service:

A chatbot provides better customer service by giving instant responses 24×7, sending reminders to customers, assisting customers in their buying journey, giving real-time offers and updates, addressing queries, and gathering feedback.

  1. Generate leads:

Bid adieu to long forms trying to capture customer information. Get contact numbers at the click of a button and ask relevant questions to know a customer’s likes and dislikes.

  1. Security:

Customers know that their data and communication are safe as WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted with a two-factor authentication plus verified businesses. Since third parties cannot access any data from a WhatsApp conversation, customers feel more confident to share more personal information with brands.

  1. Collect information and feedback:

WhatsApp chatbots can help a business collect information and feedback faster through reactions, single-click opinions, and star review systems. The data collected is accurate and actionable and can be used to create a list of potential leads.

  1. Saves cost and boosts ROI:

WhatsApp chatbot can help you save costs by a mile by eliminating the need for a 24×7 customer care executive, while also helping you save the cost of training individuals. Moreover, you can direct customers from Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads straight into your WhatsApp chatbot to increase your ROI.

  1. Easy integration:

WhatsApp integrates easily with many technological tools, which makes it easier for businesses to learn from various social media channels, cross-sell, and up-sell, and create advanced chatbots to handle complex customer queries.

All the above benefits make it clear that WhatsApp chatbot gives marketers a much-needed competitive edge. Factoreal helps you gain this edge and gives you fresh growth momentum by helping you build a no-code WhatsApp chatbot within minutes. The proof is in the pudding. The IPL cricket team Rajasthan Royals saw a 78% spike in engagement rate after integrating WhatsApp into their marketing tool stack and using chatbots to interact with customers. Make sure you use WhatsApp chatbots to boost your business. Talk to us today.

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