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Marketing Campaigns Going Stale in an Endless Approval Process?

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A clever concept may be easy to devise for a marketing campaign, but the planning process for a successful campaign can quickly become more complex than brands initially anticipate. Creating a full-fledged campaign requires collaboration and communication with multiple people in different departments. Additionally, each piece of content must receive approval from various people, starting with creators and moving up to company stakeholders. In this tedious process, even the most vibrant marketing campaign can fall flat before your audience sees it.

Fortunately, your team can leverage several strategies and tools to churn out high-quality content while staying committed to your marketing goals. Optimizing your content approval process with a clean-cut workflow, timeless content, and modern marketing automation tools can keep your marketing campaign fresh and your target audience engaged.

Streamline the Workflow for a Smooth Approval Process

The marketing industry moves fast, so brands should do everything possible to streamline the content approval process. Before a marketing campaign begins, ensure that your brand has a clear strategy in which stakeholders and content creators are on the same page. The first step in developing this strategy is creating a cohesive style guide that details the type of content your brand will post. 

Another asset for streamlining workflows is to leverage marketing tools and technology to communicate. Digital workflow assets like Slack, Microsoft teams, and Asana can keep everyone on the same page — from ideation to implementation. During this process, it’s vital to define each person’s role and project order transparently. This methodology allows content to move effortlessly from one person to the next if the role and workflow are clearly defined. 

Prioritize Evergreen Content to Minimize Delays

Evergreen content is content that remains popular for an extended time. An evergreen marketing campaign uses timeless SEO content that is not directly related to current events. Your target audience will remain interested in evergreen content at any given time, and interest in this content remains stable. In contrast, time-dependent content will increase traffic for a limited time and drop as soon as the topic has worn out its 15 minutes of fame.

Most brands are interested in hopping on the latest trend, but timely content loses its value quickly. If your content approval process takes too long, it may be out of style by the time it reaches publication. However, creating evergreen content in how-to articles, listicles and guides ensure that your content will remain relevant for years after its publication date.

Although trending content is a great way to entice new customers, evergreen content allows brands to rank higher on search engines, build backlinks, and separate companies from the competition.

Keep Your Approval Process Organized and Quick with Factoreal

Lists and word documents may work for some projects, but your entire team’s workflow can function seamlessly with marketing automation tools crafted specifically for your needs. Factoreal’s all-in-one marketing calendar makes it easy to keep track of past and upcoming marketing activities in one place. You can view tasks for the entire team, plan marketing journeys, and ensure that all of your campaigns align with one another.

When each team member can see their campaign’s progress in real-time, the approval process moves a little faster, and everyone’s workflow is more streamlined. But the benefits of this dynamic marketing automation tool don’t stop there! Your team also has the ability to make their templates, then use them over and over again for more transparent communications. Complete with web and mobile push notifications, Factoreal’s template management tool allows brands to connect with their target audience and share messages that drive sales and conversions.

Additionally, Factoreal’s template moderation feature eradicates bottlenecks so that each campaign can go live as soon as possible. Collaboration and review cycles are easy to manage with multiple reviewers who can add comments and reject or approve templates to ensure that your marketing efforts stay on track from start to finish.

Creating, editing, and approving each component of a marketing campaign isn’t easy, but the right tools can streamline your marketing efforts. As an industry-leading omnichannel solution, Factoreal integrates with all of your marketing efforts, from email and social media to SMS. 

From conception to execution, our all-in-one customer engagement platform enables you to control your marketing strategy entirely. Plus, track success with all your metrics in one convenient place.

For marketing automation that will help you launch, analyze, and manage each marketing campaign, look no further. Factoreal makes marketing automation affordable and easy to use, ensuring your brand can get the most out of every campaign.

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