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Does Consistent Posting Really Matter?

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consistent posting

Brands often begin creating content with the belief that potential customers will see a few posts, flock to their website, and complete a transaction, but the entire process isn’t that simple. Although creating high-quality social media and website content is vital, it is equally important that brands deliver this content on a consistent basis. 

Have you ever browsed a company’s website or social media page and realized they haven’t posted any content in a few months? When potential customers see that your brand has an inconsistent posting schedule, it raises questions regarding the validity and success of your company. 

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is a vital component of any brand’s expansion. Reliability facilitates the development of a loyal, cult-like following that will support your brand for years to come. Let’s discuss the importance of a dependable posting schedule and modern tools that your brand can use to reach your goals.

The Importance of Posting Consistently on Social Media

Every day, social media platforms are growing more competitive as billions of brands and users adapt to a technologically-centric lifestyle. Standing out amongst the incessant clamor has become increasingly challenging for brands, especially those that are in the process of crafting a solid brand identity. 

The social media landscape is inherently fast-paced, so users quickly become bored with the content. As a result, posting on a consistent basis is more crucial than ever before. If your target audience doesn’t see your content for weeks on end, they could easily forget about your brand. Ultimately, consistent posting on a regular schedule sparks customer engagement while ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront of their minds.

Why Should You Post SEO Content on a Regular Basis?

Of course, social media posts are essential, but you’ll need the support from website content to expand your brand effectively. Once people click through your social media posts, they expect to see more information on your website. And what about people using online search engines? Fully fleshed-out website content with consistent blog posts is vital in driving online traffic toward your brand. You may have a visually-stunning website with great products, but you’re unlikely to reach your goals without SEO-centric blog and website content support.

SEO content creation enables you to earn keywords and search queries organically and significantly increase website traffic. Remember that search engines prefer a combination of high-quality, informative content and consistency. To harness the power of search engine algorithms, your brand must deliver SEO content on a regular basis. 

Stay Consistent with Factoreal’s Calendar Integration 

Marketing automation can supercharge marketing effort and ensure that your brand maintains a consistent posting schedule across multiple platforms at the same time. With advanced marketing automation software, you can easily keep track of all your marketing initiatives in a single place. It’s easy to maximize your team’s productivity with a clear view of past and upcoming marketing campaigns.

Factoreal’s calendar integration feature unifies your entire team with enhanced visibility about all upcoming projects including emails, customer journeys, social posts and notes. When campaigns go live, your team can review the workflow in real time, which eradicates bottlenecks. With calendar integration, team members can leave comments and reject or approve each post, for clear communication.

As your track record of regular posting grows, you’ll reap the benefits of a loyal customer base, and skyrocketing sales to match. An omnichannel solution, Factoreal integrates with all of your marketing efforts, from email and social media to SMS. 

Our all-in-one customer engagement platform enables you to take complete control of your marketing strategy from conception to execution. Plus, track success with all your metrics in one convenient place.

For marketing automation that will help you launch, analyze, and manage each marketing campaign, look no further. At Factoreal, we make marketing automation affordable and easy-to-use, so your brand can get the most out of every campaign.

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