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Too Many Tools

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Too Many Tools

It all starts out innocently enough. “I’m going to get some marketing automation software to help me do my job.” Maybe it’s an email marketing platform that assists you in sorting your customer list to send out eNewsletters and promotional campaigns — all the while keeping the two lists separate from one another. Or maybe it’s analytics software to see where your visitors arrive from and spend most of their time while on your website. Perhaps it’s a CRM tool to help determine the different types of leads and/or customers you have on hand and the best way to segment those very different individuals for optimal results.

As we’ve all experienced at some point in the past, there comes a time when you find you must stop what you’re doing and take stock. In this case, that’s when you discover you’re using at least a half-dozen different systems that either need to be integrated (at a cost) or force you to toggle through — often duplicating content just so you can perform the basics of your job. The irony here is your original intent was to incorporate all of these systems to give you more time to do the important things. You know, things like revenue-generating activities that allow you to meet stated objectives.

Instead, you find yourself manually handling the same or similar data for use with multiple platforms. For example, exporting information from one platform, importing in an Excel worksheet, and then manually uploading it to a marketing automation platform because the two platforms in question are unable to directly synch. Surely there’s an easier, more efficient way to successfully perform these tasks. Turns out, there is Factoreal — a marketing automation platform underpinned by the belief that simplicity is the essence of adoption and use.

In a recent survey, we found that more than 50 percent of marketing managers use four or more different platforms — and a full third of these use more than eight different platforms for their marketing efforts.

All of this comes at a hefty price. And we’re not just talking about budget dollars being wasted. The true cost is found in the hits you take on time, efficiency, and the ability to immediately act from data that results from — or impacts — your sales and marketing campaigns.

Factoreal’s approach from the start has always been to make marketing automation simple. We built our product from the ground up, so there’s no “square peg/round hole” attempt to fit disparate systems together and get them to work the way you need them to work.

Factoreal simplifies marketing automation by:

  • Combining best-in-class email creation
  • Offering effective customer journey documentation
  • Creating best-in-class opportunities for engagement through branded social media
  • Allowing you to issue SMS messages
  • Enabling direct messaging with in-app push notifications
  • Providing both free and premium tools

Moreover, if you’re concerned about budget allocation, ROI analysis, or individual campaign spend results, those are all addressed as well. Each campaign has its’ own budget line, allowing you to monitor performance from an important new perspective. From our unified, omnichannel platform, you now have access to analytics coming from a single source of truth.

Bottom line? With Factoreal as your marketing automation solution, everything you need for your marketing team, finance team, and operations team is available in one user-friendly platform that’s ready to use on Day One.

Want to see how simple it is to make frustrated team members happy? Contact us and let us show you how.

About the Author
Chris Ochs is Vice President and Head of North American Sales at Factoreal — a
marketing automation platform underpinned by the belief that simplicity is the essence of adoption and use.

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