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Reduce Cart Abandonment with Journeys & E-mail templates

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Reduce Cart Abandonment with Journeys & E-mail templates

Remember the feeling when a customer adds products to the cart? It’s a triumphant moment for any online business owner. And then the inevitable happens- cart abandonment.

3 out of 4 people abandon the cart, without purchasing anything.

There are many reasons for this, and you’re already wondering how to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Did you know you can get 10% of them back? There’s no magic trick here, just automation. Marketing Automation to be precise.

Automated email cart recovery mail, with personalized eMail templates, is one of the most effective cart abandonment solutions. The process is called Journey.

The importance of email marketing in businesses is already a well-established fact. To this day, we still get all types of email from eCommerce businesses.

The average open rate of an eCommerce email? A modest 15%.

The automated cart recovery email has an open rate of 45%. The opportunity has presented itself. Simple, isn’t it? Not quite.

The Role of Email Templates in Cart Abandonment

cart abandonment

Time and time again, have I seen cart recovery emails that are lukewarm at best, in invoking a sense of urgency with the customer. This can be the main reason behind your email open rates declining.

This template makes for an interesting case of cart abandonment analysis. There’s no fatal error in this cart recovery email campaign. But a strong Call to Action (CTA) highlight is a sorely missed opportunity. It’s confusing for a buyer as to where to click, and that can cost a business dearly.

But things aren’t so simple that you can just put a Call To Action there and call it a day. It’s not an all-in-one solution. Moreover, pushy CTAs tend to push prospective leads further away, which is the last thing you want.

Striking the right balance is of utmost importance if you have a plan for the abandoned cart recovery. When done manually, this process is tedious, both time and labor-intensive.

Marketing Automation Fast-tracks the Cart Recovery Process

Automated Email campaigns with hyper-personalized email templates are a different story, though. Why automate and personalize?

With the breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the information age has made the internet a ridiculously powerful tool for customers and businesses alike.

Sure, for a handful of clients, manually sending out emails rather than automated email campaigns sounds like a doable task. You can even go the extra mile and customize the content accordingly.

Bring hundreds and thousands of clients and subscribers into the equation. Now, you are staring at a behemoth of a problem. Automation is not just a solution, it’s a no brainer at that.

You’re not going to be able to send out hundreds and thousands of personalized cart recovery emails. Introduce human error into the equation, and it’s bound to go wrong somewhere.

Automated cart recovery emails go out at a scheduled period after cart abandonment. No keeping tabs of who have abandoned their cart, and manually doing it.

You can set the time interval, schedule it to go on a specific duration of the day, and even set triggers.

The good thing with Marketing Automation Software is that it does the heavy lifting while letting you control the titbits and intricate specifics that your audience consumes.

For cart recovery email templates, this is vital. A simple email reminder will not suffice. It won’t convince the person to make a purchase.

The content for the email campaign should be compelling enough. It should establish a connection with the customer. Only then you can figure out how to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Predefined email templates for email campaigns do this. What pre-defined templates gets right is the content and appropriate Call to Action required to urge the customer to finish buying.

Marketing Automation fast-tracks the cart recovery process

cart abandonment

Let’s take a look at an email template from Factoreal that does things right and can help businesses recover that cart.

Now let’s look at what this email template does right.

  • Simple copy – For cart recovery, one doesn’t need to come up with a prologue. Don’t make it a history lesson, keep things short and to the point. The attention span of humans has drastically reduced, so keep it simple silly! This email gets to business straight away, no-nonsense.
  • Crystal clear Call to Action– Many businesses go with strong CTAs like buy now, which is a bit pushy. The above CTA urges the customer to purchase the items. It creates a sense of urgency while not being too pushy.
  • Optimized for all devices – With customers switching between multiple devices, the email format has changed. Your emails need to be mobile optimized because the last thing you want is an incompatible email which defeats the purpose of cart recovery. The above email template is mobile optimized, so the device is not a barrier anymore.

Journey Automation and Why it’s Important Part of the Cart Abandonment Solution

Let’s take a trip around the memory lane about 15-20 years back. Telemarketing, billboards, advertising, email blasts, face to face marketing, and direct selling were all the methods companies used to make sales.

The outbound marketing era is extinct. Inbound marketing via digital marketing is how everybody is doing business these days. With that, the customers’ process of buying things has also changed.

What exactly is a Journey?

The digital age has made technology a necessity in our day to day life. Customer touchpoint can mean anything from a laptop to a tablet or smartphone today.

The customer has the choice to shop from any device, so your business should be able to handle that.

For the customer to have a seamless journey, all touchpoints like email, SMS, push notification must be covered by the business.

If that’s not the case, then the customer will have an inconsistent experience. Let’s take a simple example.

If a customer has purchased something and reviewed the item on your website after using it for some time, how will that person feel if he keeps getting email notifications to review it again and again?

The risk of losing a valuable customer, in this case, is highly likely.

Having your channels integrated into one place (Omnichannel) solves this and makes your operations a lot more efficient.

Not only is it easier for the customer, but it’s also efficient for the business. You save time and effort when it comes to data analysis and reports.

A 360-degree view of the customers, along with real-time dashboards, gives you a better idea about your business process.

For the cart recovery process, this is a life-changer. There won’t be a disconnect between channels, and your customers won’t get irrelevant emails and notifications because of that.

What’s even more impressive is, you can send notifications to your customers based on the device or channel he/she uses more often, increasing the odds of the abandoned cart recovery!

While this sounds complex, it’s nothing more than a couple of clicks, and drag and drops. You can have custom triggers and workflows. This way, only relevant messages are sent to segmented customer types.

So, How to Reduce Cart Abandonment?

Journey automation, along with predefined email templates, immensely helps your cart recovery strategy.

A powerful Call To Action (CTA) urges the customer to buy the items in the abandoned cart. An automated journey helps customers experience a seamless buying experience, resulting in loyalty and referral.

Up to 75% of people who online abandon their carts have an intent to return. Such a huge percentage of untapped potential customers need to be retargeted to make that sale.

A clear and concise email template with a transparent CTA can go a long way to help you with retargeting.

Factoreal offers Email templates that are customizable with simple drag and drop features. You can find templates for all kinds of campaigns.

Factoreal is a marketing automation software designed with small and large businesses in mind.

Book a demo here.

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