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Factoreal Meets Ticketmaster

By January 2, 2023January 10th, 2023No Comments

Factoreal, a global leader in omnichannel fan engagement announces its integration with Ticketmaster, the world leader in ticketing. This integration empowers event organizers, sports teams, and leagues to unify complete ticketing data with fan data and automate unique fan engagements at scale in real-time.

Why this team up?

Sports teams need to unify data from disparate sources – from ticket sales to marketing campaigns, and attendance. All this information must be stored in one place, and analytics must be available at a glance to deliver a seamless fan experience.  

Sports teams till date were manually analyzing ticket data, at best feeding the data manually to their marketing tools, and using that to better segment and personalize their fan-base. With this integration, Factoreal enables its sports partners to directly leverage ticket data from within the platform, analyze purchase behaviors, combine them with other demographic information, and deliver hyper-personalized communication. Teams can now drive more sales, create upsell and cross-sell opportunities, deliver special offers to past customers, as well as acquire new customers. Using this solution, Factoreal is helping sports marketers reach their marketing goals faster. 

At Factoreal, we help teams capitalize on their most valuable asset: fan data. Teams like Rajasthan Royals increased their fanatics base by 300%, the Gwinnett Stripers grew 2x faster, and USL has seen the best-ever engagement rates since they started using Factoreal. Talk to us to achieve the same results for your teams. 

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Cody Haynes, Director – Sports & Entertainment

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