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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product FAQs

Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Shopify
Enter your store name and sign-in (if prompted) to your Shopify store. Install the Factoreal app, you would be redirected back to Factoreal with the status of your Shopify contacts, orders and products synced.
Go to Contacts -> Add Contacts -> Add Manually
Enter the name, phone number, email address of the contact. Select the list to which you want to save the contact and click Save.
To import contacts in bulk, perform the following steps:
  • Go to Contacts -> Add Contacts -> Upload File.
  • Drag-n-drop a file you want to import.
  • Map the columns of the file with Factoreal attributes, if not already done by our system.
  • Read and agree to the TnC, and select overwrite settings.
  • Map your contacts to a list(s).
To configure a custom domain, perform the following steps:
  • Go to Settings -> Customize your email.
  • Add your email domain or sub-domain.
  • A set of DNS entries would be listed which you should copy and insert in your domain registrar’s DNS settings.
  • Once done, come back and verify.
To post on your Facebook page, perform the following steps:
  • Go to Settings -> Manage your social pages -> Facebook pages.
  • Login with your Facebook credentials to authorize Factoreal to post on your pages. (you would be shown the permissions Factoreal needs from Facebook on your behalf).
  • All the pages where you are the admin will be listed, select the pages you want to post on through Factoreal.
  • Go to Campaigns -> Social Post -> Create new campaign. While creating a new campaign when prompted, select the page you wish to post on.

Pricing FAQs

Absolutely! We have a 30 day free trial. When you create an account, you will automatically have a free plan activated. Once we approve your account you can upload your contacts and start using Factoreal.
All the features listed above are included in the free trial. Also, you can send up to 100,000 emails. We strongly encourage you to respect your users’ privacy. Spamming is not welcome, and will result in cancellation of account.
Not at all! We only need your email address and some basic details of your organization, and you can start using Factoreal.
No. Factoreal is designed with simplicity in mind. Our easy-to-use tools let you build beautiful emails, create journey automations, set Facebook and Instagram posts. If you need any guidance at any point in time, we will be right there to help you. We also have help guides available on the platform which you can go through at your own pace.
Factocoins are credits that can be consumed flexibly across all channels, Ads, etc. so that you can use them at your own pace. Depending on the channel and the volumes transacted, the exchange rates for Factcoins vary. Once you are through the trial and become a customer, you will have ready-to-access information on the prevailing rates always.
Yes anytime, you can manage your account from the Factoreal application.Just choose the contact database size and Factcoins that suits your business volumes, and make the purchase. Your upgraded plan will be applicable from the next month onwards.
All the features of the platform are available to all our customers irrespective of the subscription or duration.
We believe in total transparency. There are no additional or hidden charges. You may cancel anytime, upgrade, or purchase Factcoins as you need them;
All plans are paid via credit card and in USD.
A contact is any person in your database with a unique ID. We offer simple ways to add your contacts including bulk import.

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