How to Setup the Chatbot

The importance of a personalized experience is now more important than ever. But at the same time, it would take a tremendous amount of effort to create that for a sizeable audience.

That’s where Factoreal Conversation Bot comes in to give you that exact opportunity.

You can formulate smart conversation flows depending on the intent, and give your customers the best experience you can.

Be it customer support queries, lead generation, feedback collection, you can automate the entire conversation using Factoreal’s conversation bot.

Conversation bot has different functional elements. Here’s a video to show you that.

To configure the Conversation Bot, perform the following steps.

  1. On Factoreal dashboard, click Conversations.
  2. The Conversation bot creation page will open in a new tab.
  3. Click on Create new bot in the conversation bot creation page.
  4. Choose an existing template or create the chat flow from scratch.
  5. The bot editor is the place where you will create the conversation workflow. You can select from various types of nodes, such as, multiple choice, free text, no reply, phone number, email, and many more. Based on the user-intent you can then drive the user down a suitable path in your workflow.
  6. Let’s start by adding a multiple choice node. Click +Node, from the right panel, select Multiple Choice.
  7. Greet the user by entering a welcome message and provide with the user with options that you think they would like to perform.
  8. Once you’ve entered all the options, select the “Add Node” button.
  9. Now to add a new node, select the +Node button under the multiple choice node we have just added. This will show the “Add a node” menu for your new node.
  10. Now choose a node type from the right side menu.
  11. Let’s say we are adding a free text node. This means that the bot will ask a question and then wait for the user to respond before proceeding. Type in the question for which you want your user to respond to in “Ask a question” input box.
  12. Once you’ve entered all the options, select the “Add Node” button.
  13. Now say you wish to collect contact information from your users. To do that, click +Node, select Email Address node type.
  14. Now choose an email address node type from the left side menu.
  15. Ensure that the bot tells the user that it’s looking for an email address in response. So type a question which informs the user that they’re expecting an email id in response in “Ask a question” input box. For example, “That seems like a better question for our support team. Can you provide your email so someone can follow up with an answer?”
  16. Repeat the steps to add a new node.
  17. Save and publish the bot.