Connect Your Email Domain and Add Sender Email Addresses

1. Once you login to Factoreal, click icon


2. On the Settings page, under Customize your email, click Configure.


3. Click Add a New Domain.


4. Enter your domain name, for example, and click Save Domain.

5. Once your domain is saved successfully, you will see DKIM key that is generated for your domain


6. Go to your email service provider’s domain settings, and add the DKIM information provided by Factoreal into your email domain


7. Once done, come back to Factoreal>Configure your email, and click Verify to whitelist your domain

Important: This verification ensures that the email campaigns you run using Factoreal don’t land up in the spam folder of the user. Therefore, please ensure that your domain is whitelisted and verified.



Add New Sender Email Addresses


There are situations where you need to send emails from different email IDs, for example, some email campaign goes out from marketing email ID, some from an individual email ID (Sales, CEO, and more). Factoreal provides you with the capability to add multiple email addresses so that while sending email campaigns, you can pick and choose the sender email ID for your campaigns.

Important: To add send email IDs, your domain must be verified.

1. On the Dashboard > Settings > Configure your email > Configure screen, click Add Senders.

2. Enter the name and the email and click Save Email.

3. There is a verification email that is sent to the sender email ID, once the sender email is verified, the email ID starts reflecting in the Registered Email Addresses section.

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