Connect Social Accounts for Social Posts and Ads

1. Click next to the bell icon

2. Under Manage your Social Pages, click Configure


3. To connect your Facebook business page, click Configure


4. Enter the email address and password for your Facebook account and click Log in


5. Once you login, all the business pages associated with your account are linked with Factoreal


6. If you want to unlink any of the business page, click Remove


7. Similarly, to link your Twitter account, click Configure


8. Log in to your Twitter account


9. Once you login, your Twitter account will be connected with Factoreal


10. If in future you wish you de-link the account, click Remove

(Factoreal allows you to add upto 10 different social profiles. Once your social accounts are connected with Factoreal, you can start posting cross-channel social posts, track its performance, and save a lot of time.)

Stay tuned to learn the best marketing practices to improve your business.